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The definitive story of the American and British Naval Forces at Salcombe and Slapton 1943 - 1945

The inhabitants of the South Hams in Devon little realised how the widely reported Quebec Conference of Allied War Leaders in August 1943 would affect their lives.  It was then that final plans were made for the provision of shore facilities necessary to train personnel, maintain and repair landing craft, store and supply all the war materials needed for the landing on the coast of occupied Europe that would ultimately change the course of the war.
In September 1943 the first members of the U.S.N Construction came to Salcombe to establish an Amphibious Base... It was a move that would change life in Salcombe for ever...

'T'was was not only Salcombe itself that was affected by the influx of Americans that vastly outnumbered the local civilian population.  The site chosen for battle practise for the D Day landings resulted in a vast area around Slapton Beach being cleared of farms, people, churches and homes, and a way of life that had existed for hundreds of years ending. We did it because it was for the war effort.  But it broke our hearts.

Dorothy Weymouth.